Download Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle Sound LibraryDownload Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle Sound Library

Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle

No longer available

'Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle' is such a fascinating collection and an impressive arsenal with 6 of Bluezone Corporataion's best sellers. This new serie offers you some finely crafted and high quality elements to take you on a musical journey.  Inside this inspiring bundle, you have infinite possibilities with over 1080 loops and samples as sound effects, atmospheric sounds, Ambient loops, drums & percussion samples, and many more.Save 20 Euros! It only costs 68.95 Euros instead of 89 Euros.


Ambient Breaks : 502 MB Data with 515 Files
Artificial FX : 189 MB Data with 131 Files
Dark Atmospheres & SFX 01 : 342 MB Data with 169 Files
Dark Atmospheres & SFX 02 : 312 MB Data with 169 Files
Ethno & Tribal Ambient : 395 MB Data with 534 Files
Filtered Keys : 139 MD Data with 112 Files