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Bluezone Corporation is a high profile online shop providing pro audio samples and loops from the best music makers on the planet. Our 100% royalty free sound libraries are delivered direct to your computer 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week.

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Bluezone Corporation stands for:

- A passionate team
- Over 20 years of experience
- Established theme compositions
- Innovative music productions
- Trend-setting sound design




Download bass samples and wobble bass samples for Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Reason and Ableton. Royalty-free acoustic bass samples, dirty bass sounds, deep and fat synth bass sound libraries and downloadable sample CDs. All these products are available as direct download versions, so you can use them just minutes after ordering.


Chillout Revelation

Bluezone presents Chillout Revelation, a suave sample pack including smooth keyboard melodies, hooks, warm pad loops, exotic instrument sounds, drums and exhaustive grooves. With over 328 extended Ambient loops and Lounge samples, Bluezone... more

Download size: 700 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 26,95 €

Ambient Breaks (Reason Refill)

Ambient Breaks from Bluezone Corporation is the ultimate collection to jump into professional production of Ambient soundtracks for film, video games, TV series and action. Ambient Breaks is a perfect mix of calm, refined pads reworked with rich,... more

Download size: 140 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 21,95 €

Xtreme Dubstep

Xtreme Dubstep from Bluezone Corporation is the ultimate tool for addicted producers looking for fresh and twisted basslines, meticulously crafted wobble sounds, razor-sharp drum loops, SFX samples and drum one-shots. Refresh your setup with this... more

Download size: 682 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 21,95 €

Dubstep Adrenaline

With over 140 fat bass loops, modern synth lines, ultra-hard drum loops, twisted sound effects and a selection of futuristic synth and infra bass samples, Bluezone Corporation now gives you illimited access to the professional world of Dubstep... more

Download size: 105 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 14,95 €

Overflow - Hard Dance Drums

Designed for the producers of Hard Dance, Techno, Hard Trance, Hardstyle and Hardcore, 'Overflow: Hard Dance Drums' from Bluezone Corporation features a fantastic selection of drum one-shots including massive kick drums, synthesized percussion... more

Download size: 14 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 6,95 €

Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle

Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle is such a fascinating collection and an impressive arsenal with 6 of Bluezone Corporataion's best sellers. This new serie offers you some finely crafted and high quality elements to take you on a musical... more

Download size: 1600 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 68,95 €

Ionised Techno Samples

Bluezone Corporation is very proud to present to you it latest pack Ionised Techno Samples. This is a total dumping in the underground universe of the most recent productions. Available for instant download, Ionised Techno samples offers a cutting... more

Download size: 146 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 18,95 €

Hardstyle Loops & Hardcore Samples

Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Hardstyle Loops and Hardcore Samples. This brand new sample pack has a wide panel of loops and samples as the reversed kicks, distorted kicks, Hardcore drum samples, basslines, kick and Bass Loops, hardstyle... more

Download size: 264 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 26,95 €

Austral Drum and Bass

Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Austral Drum and Bass, a hot new Drum and Bass sample pack for immediate download. This new sound library is packed with Drum & Bass loops, Basslines, Synth Loops, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, Sound FX and... more

Download size: 214 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 18,95 €

Advanced Minimal Techno

If you’re looking for Minimal samples and Techno samples with a heavy dose of Electro, then Advanced Minimal Techno is for you. Bluezone Corporation’s new sound bank offers rich and complex sounds, based on the latest Electro / Fidget House styles.... more

Download size: 165 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 22,95 €
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