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Bluezone Corporation is a high profile online shop providing pro audio samples and loops from the best music makers on the planet. Our 100% royalty free sound libraries are delivered direct to your computer 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week.

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Bluezone Corporation stands for:

- A passionate team
- Over 20 years of experience
- Established theme compositions
- Innovative music productions
- Trend-setting sound design




Download organic sound sample packs for instant download. Find here the newest royalty-free organic sound libraries and organic sample CDs for download. Organic sound effects, alien and animal organic SFX and background organic ambiences, organic textures, Science Fiction organic soundscapes, water flow and underwater SFX, water drop and water sloshing sound effects, rain ambiences, ocean sounds, streams and waterfall sounds for Video Game, Multimedia, Film and Movie score, Trailers, Cinema Soundtracks, TV projects, Ambient composers and sound designers. All these products are available as direct download versions, so you can use them just minutes after ordering.


Spaceships - Science Fiction Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation presents 'Spaceships - Science Fiction Sound Effects', a new sound design library containing 176 professional background ambiences, atmospheres and sound effects. This awesome sound collection offers 1.60 GB of high definition... more

Download size: 1540 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 29,95 €

Unknown Surface - Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation returns with another collection and opens the gates towards an ancient world with a brand-new cutting edge cinematic/ambient downloadable sound library. "Unknown Surface - Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects" is a new mysterious... more

Download size: 925 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 16,95 €

Abyss - Deep Atmospheric Sounds and Soundscapes

'Abyss - Deep Atmospheric Sounds and Soundscapes' from Bluezone Corporation offers a wide collection of beautiful ambient sound effects, deep drones and cinematic melodic backgrounds really useful for Ambient music, movies and TV documentaries. In... more

Download size: 920 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 14,95 €

Deadspace - Sci Fi Ambiences, Drones & Soundscapes

'Deadspace - Sci Fi Ambiences, Drones and Soundscapes' features over 815MB of dark cinematic production elements, evolving drones, a vast selection of deep soundscapes & atmospheres, desolate drones, epic transition textures & pads and... more

Download size: 1300 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 14,95 €

Exoplanet - Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Exoplanet - Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects, a brand-new cutting edge cinematic/ambient sound library for immediate download. This downloadable sample pack offers a huge choice of extraordinary nature... more

Download size: 846 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 16,95 €

Synthetic Organic Textures

Synthetic Organic Textures by Bluezone offers 158 twisted sound effects such as fresh submarine ambiences, splashes, bubbly underwater sounds and ripple effects and more for a peak load of inspiration based on the organic and water theme. These... more

Download size: 470 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 14,95 €

Tripod Invasion

Bluezone Corporation releases Tripod Invasion, a newly designed sound library containing 200+ unique stereo drones and Sci-Fi sound effects, produced as 24 bit / 44.1 kHz wav files. These pro sound effects, drones and mechanical textures offer... more

Download size: 570 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 18,95 €

Robotic Assault - Textured SFX

Bluezone releases 'Robotic Assault: Textured SFX' a new powerful robot sound effect library with 400+ destructive samples to expand your horizon. This downloadable sample pack contains an overdose of modern battle sounds, aircraft movements, guns... more

Download size: 370 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 24,95 €

Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects

'Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects' from Bluezone Corporation contains 240 dark ambiences, impressive drama sound effects and also comes with some of the best disturbing textured and perfectly recorded organic sounds you never heard. This sound... more

Download size: 980 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 18,95 €

Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects

Inspired by all the great sci fi / dark movies and video games, 'Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects' is perfect for any composer seeking to add dark eerie cinematic elements to their music. This downloadable sample pack provides you deep... more

Download size: 728 MB Data Compressed / 
Price: 18,95 €