Cinematic samples

Boost your inspiration with the best Cinematic loops and samples: Wide range of beautifully recorded acoustic instruments (strings, piano, horn and brass sounds...), melodic sequences, multi-layered synth textures, dramatic tensions and transitions, Cinematic soundscapes and dark ambiences, massive impacts and hits, modern sound effects, electronic drum kits, dynamic orchestral drums and epic percussions (timpani, wood blocks, China and crash cymbals, tambourine, gongs, wind chimes, snares and bass drums) in wav format for music producers worldwide. Easily downloadable and affordable, all sample packs and sound libraries are perfect for Cinematic, movie Trailer, Ambient, Experimental soundtracks and more.

Download Dark Atmospheres and SFX 01 Sample Pack

Dark Atmospheres & SFX 01

'Dark Atmospheres and SFX 01' is a new sound library offering a lot of possibilities for sound creation for movies, TV music projects, soundtrack and video games, and can be used in styles such as Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electronica, Ambient, Industrial and mutch more. All the atmospheres, pad sounds, textures, soundscapes, background and sound effects come with rights for commercial use at no additional cost. All the samples of…
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Download Score and Break Producer Sample Pack

Score & Break Producer

Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Score and Break Producer, the latest product specifically designed for ambient music compositions, TV series and video game background projects. It provides a mixture of musical trends featuring styles as diverse as Breakbeat, Electro and Acoustic. The producers at the Bluezone Corporation studios have created 558 very rare loops and samples of a high standard. This new collection of sounds brings…
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Download Score and Break Drum Loops Sample Pack

Score & Break Drum Loops

Score and Break Drum Loops from Bluezone Corporation is an add-on pack for Score and Break Producer. It has been created especially for producers of Breakbeat, Drum and Bass and TV series. Its construction required different drum acoustics that have been treated in several effect racks such as distortions, reverbs, delays and compressors. The attention given to each loop makes it possible to use them without any alterations and the pitch can…
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