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Recent releases

Download Dark Cinematic Soundscapes and SFX Sample Library
Produced by Bluezone Corporation, 'Dark Cinematic Soundscapes and Sound Effects' features a wide range of desolate drones, dark background sounds, abstract ambiences, oppressive analog synth…
Download Alien Planet Ambiences and Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present 'Alien Planet Ambiences and Sound Effects', a brand-new immersive SFX sound library for immediate download. This inspiring downloadable sample pack offers…
Download Invasion - Cinematic Trailer Samples Sound Library
Bluezone releases 'Invasion - Cinematic Trailer Samples', a new sound library offering a wide range of complex ambiences, dramatic synth textures, massive impacts, drum hits and suspenseful…
Download Spectral Density - Cinematic Samples Sound Library
'Spectral Density - Cinematic Samples' features over 915 MB of ultramodern cinematic production elements, massive impacts, meticulously recorded synth textures, evolving drones, a vast selection…
Download District 10 - Mothership Sound Effects Sample Library
'District 10 - Mothership Sound Effects' from Bluezone Corporation contains over 178 complex science fiction SFX. This massive sound library was created with meticulously sampled sources and…
Download Cargo - Spaceship Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone Corporation releases 'Cargo - Spaceship Sound Effects', a new sci-fi sample library covering a wide range of elements including cockpit and interior ambiences, interface and beep sounds,…
Download Alien Spacecraft Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone releases 'Alien Spacecraft Sound Effects', a new sample library offering a wide range of inspirational spaceship sfx. Backed with complex and varied sounds, this sci-fi sample library…
Download Sci Fi Interface Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone Corporation releases 'Sci Fi Interface Sound Effects' a new sample library delivering a wide range of UI sounds ready to be injected in your movies, video game and multimedia projects.…
Donwload Battlecruiser - Spaceship Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone Corporation releases 'Battlecruiser - Spaceship Sound Effects', a new sound library covering a wide range of designed SFX. This downloadable sample pack is loaded to arm all sound…
Download Dark Mesa - Industrial Ambiences and SFX sound library
Bluezone releases 'Dark Mesa - Industrial Ambiences and SFX', a new selection of designed industrial sound effects. Created from field-recordings, this sample library features many different…
 Download Kosmonaut - Cinematic Ambiences and Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone releases 'Kosmonaut - Cinematic Ambiences and Sound Effects', a new Ambient / Cinematic sound collection of soundscapes, ambiences, drones, impacts, sound effects and more. Easily…
 Download Movie Trailer Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone releases 'Movie Trailer Sound Effects', a new Trailer / Cinematic sample pack covering a wide range of meticulously recorded ambiences, sound effects, impacts, synth textures and…

What we do

For over 20 years Bluezone has been producing a large selection of high quality sample packs. The main idea for imagining a sound bank has always been : it has to sound differently. By putting the priority on quality rather than quantity, the Bluezone team has always used the best software and hardware material. Here at Bluezone we love synths and use them a lot (such as Nord Modular G2, Alesis Andromeda, Roland Juno, Roland JP8000, Waldorf Blofeld, and more… ).

Our sound designers are always on the look-out for new machines and new sound synthesis. Sometimes our teams come out of hiding, equipped with all their recording gear, and invade the shooting stands, WW2 military shows, electrical power stations, airports, Air shows, military camps or industrial plants. All the recordings are then worked and treated.

Until today, Bluezone has released several hundred thousands of sounds and sound effects for video game sound designers, documentary and trailer / film audio editors, but also for music composers of many different music styles, such as Techno, Dubstep, Progressive House, Ambient and Electronica, DNB and many others more.


High definition

Quality before quantity. Each sample is edited individually with meticulous attention to detail.


100% Royalty-Free

You can use Bluezone samples in all your commercial projects. No extra costs, no credits: Music, Movie, Video Game.


Instant download

Your download link is available instantly after purchase. Download, extract the zip file and use.


Secure payment

The payment is secured by Paypal. We do not keep your credit card information.

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Who we are

Bluezone Corporation is a leading online shop providing professional sample packs at very reasonable prices for experienced music composers, TV editors and video game sound designers around the world. Our state-of-the-art sound libraries are royalty free, which means after purchase on our website you have the license to use our products in all your commercial projects without having to pay any extra. All our samples, loops and sound effects are delivered to your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and available immediately after purchase. All our loops and samples are available in different formats to allow you to use them in a simple and intuitive way with the latest software and hardware such as Pro Tools, Cubase / Nuendo, Reason, ableton Live, FL Studio, Digital Performer and many others.