License Agreement

Single user license:


Bluezone Corporation keeps all sales documents for all purchases executed on its Internet site. The purchase of a product from Bluezone Corporation does not grant you ownership of the sounds contained in the directories; when you purchase our products you purchase a license that allows you to use the sounds in your original commercial projects. Copyright is displayed on all our products (boxes, CDs and DVDs, products for download) as follows:


All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. The sound samples on this CD / DVD or Download are licensed, not sold to you. The copying, duplication, resale, donation or exchange of this product or of its contents, even partially, is strictly prohibited by International Copyright Laws.


Only the original purchaser of this sample pack has a legal right to use the samples contained within. The use of the sound samples is exclusively reserved for the production of original projets of a commercial or non-commercial nature (music production, film, video game, trailer, multimedia...). The reusing or adaptation of the sound samples as part of the creation of a new sample pack or virtual instrument (regardless of the format or of the support) is strictly prohibited.


As a user of sound samples produced by Bluezone Corporation you are not authorized to share the samples electronically or within any computer network community. Only the original purchaser of the pack has a right to use the sounds commercially. The license is not transferable. The unpacking of the product constitutes your acceptance of these terms.


For multi-user licence please contact us.