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Get the most impressive organic sound effects pack

'Biohazard - Organic Textures and Ambiences' from Bluezone Corporation provides a wide selection of organic sound effects and ambiences for games, video editing, movies, and all creative audiovisual projects. This sound library offers inspiring sounds of mutating and morphing life forms. This organic sound effects pack delivers impressive sounds of scary creatures, such as rumbling and rustling, gurgling and chirping, as well as buzzing and ambiences. All-natural and organic sounding, this versatile library makes for an outstanding resource. This collection is perfect for filmmakers and video game sound designers who are seeking innovative and original sounds for their audiovisual projects. Essential for all science fiction works such as fantasy, sci-fi horror, adventure, cyberpunk and biopunk themes.

This organic monster sound library contains:

• Ambiences of caves
• Sounds of water runoff
• Windy environments
• Organic / radioactive atmospheres
• Insect noises and clicks
• Organic textures and mutating life form sounds
• Footsteps of organic monsters
• Textures of large aquatic creatures

Boost your scenarios with sound effects of mutating organic creatures

'Biohazard - Organic Textures and Ambiences' contains a wide selection of inspiring organic sound effects and textures, perfect for multiple genres, any scene or situation. You will also be able to spread out-of-control specimens from illegal biotech labs on Earth, where human DNA is being manipulated in secret. Thanks to these creepy crawly sound effects, you'll be dropping contagious substances into the atmosphere, following the explosion of an interplanetary transporter full of biosynthetic materials. This organic sound library contains inspiring elements that guarantee an overdose of creativity.

Mysterious organic ambience sound effects

This mutating life form sounds will help you to design environments for mysterious exoplanets where strange animals and unusual creatures swarm on the surface. All these sci-fi sound effects will allow you to create biospheres with worlds infested with terrifying things. Thanks to the organic ambiences, you can create dark atmospheres taken over by toxic molds, or radioactive zones inhabited by terrifying creatures.

Sound effects pack details

• Royalty-free organic sound effects pack.
• Unlimited use of sounds in all your projects.
• No attribution or credit required.
• This product contains individual sounds.

Technical specifications :

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0280
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 1070 MB
  • Extracted size : 1160 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 197
  • Total sounds : 163
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes