Download Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences & Sound Effects Sample LibraryDownload Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences & Sound Effects Sample Library

Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences & Sound Effects

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'Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences and Sound Effects' features over 780 MB of dark cinematic elements, designed atmospheres, disturbing drones, terrific evolving textures, industrial background ambiences and impacts. These sound design elements in WAV format have been created specifically for film / TV composers and game music composers. This sample pack is 100% Royalty Free. This new Bluezone Corporation sound collection features 154 pristine audio samples and offers a large choice of tortured metal sounds, massive hits, dark stylized vocal ambiences, cinematic sound effects, evolving soundbeds and many more created with new mysterious treatments. The library's contents are provided as 24 bit / 44.1 kHz WAV files. Now available for instant download, this sample pack is also great for futuristic fantasy and science fiction sound ambiences.

Ginno Legaspi review - SoundBytes Magazine :

It’s good to know that a sample developer company finally has the guts to release a library so epically dark and so scary that it’s named “Dark Movies”. I mean, there are plenty of sound effects and atmospheric libraries geared for horror film music but none has a cool title as this one. I can tell you, those innovative samplesmiths at Bluezone Corporation don’t sit on laurels. They’ve been churning out library after library for the past several years now, and Dark Movies is the epitome of what a great horror library should be. Firstly, the sound design of this 760 MB library is good. Like many of Bluezone’s libraries, Dark Movies showcases good sound design skills. The sounds have been crafted specifically to the genre and the programming is slick. As I was going through the samples and auditioning them in my DAW, there is some really good content here to be used. The ones I’m particularly fond of are the metal impacts. They sound so huge, clear and have been prepped with the right amount of ambience for TV/movie scores. The high-pitched FX sounds are great for futuristic thrillers and science fictions shows that needed that extra spice. Some samples are just pure scary – especially the scrape sounds. Believe me, they will give you goose bumps. Ever watched a movie in which a scene just makes you jump out of your seat? Well, that’s the result if you combine a thrilling/scary scene, some good acting and sounds to boot with. Dark Movies offers 160 files that are ready to drop in your favorite DAW and will help you inspire to write your next ghostly piece.

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Editor : Bluezone
SKU : BC0190
Delivery : Download link
Download size : 760 MB
Extracted size : 795 MB
Format : WAV
Resolution : 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz
Channel : Stereo
Total Files : 160
Total Samples : 154 WAV
Metadata : No
Track List : No
License : Royalty free - Need a multi-user license ? Contact us
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