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'Steampunk Weapon Sound effects and Textures' from Bluezone Corporation provides a wide range of Steampunk gun, revolver and rifle sounds.

Futuristic and retro at the same time, this Steampunk sound pack is really unique in its genre. Ranging from the old black powder rifle to a homemade grenade launcher, as well as complex gears and whimsical internal mechanisms, this sci fi sound effects library contains over 132 steam powered gun and cannon sounds, ready-to-use for action and combat scenes in an alternate world.

Steam powered guns, revolvers and rifles

'Steampunk Weapon Sound effects and Textures' is the secret weapon of professional sound designers looking for both power and precision. Whether it's for automatic or manually-operated weapons, you'll find a wide selection of extremely detailed sounds that will fit perfectly in movies and video games that require the following weaponry : Pistol and revolver - shotgun – rifle and musket - submachine gun and machine gun – explosive device - RPG and grenade launcher – mortar.

Particularly varied, this sound effect library provides rotating barrel, switch and mechanical lever movements, as well as complex textures that will work well for bullet inserts and case ejections. This collection also provides a solid foundation for gear sequences and tiny mechanical workings, which are very useful for the triggering and malfunctioning of small antique gadgets, detonators or the activation of strange machines. This selection would not be complete without bomb sound effects, the sounds of casings falling to the ground and of ricochets.

A construction kit for gunsmiths

Ultra flexible and available in high resolution, this sample pack is designed to be be used as is. However, you can also get many completely new weapon models, with many variations, by layering and merging samples together.

How were the Steampunk sound effects created ?

'Steampunk Weapon Sound effects and Textures' was created using numerous recordings of firearms and mechanisms of all kinds. A large number of objects and materials went into the creation of this sound library : Small metal parts - old mechanical clocks - creaky wooden and iron doors - an old typewriter - beat up computer keyboards - various fireworks - an antique radio - unknown old machines with coils everywhere - pistols and revolvers ( Smith & Wesson, Beretta and Colt ). Each sound effect has been created from several layers of recordings and offers an unexpected and spectacular result.

Highly useful for science fiction, fantasy and cyberpunk scenarios

Take on impregnable fortresses : Whether for indoor or outdoor battle scenes, this sound pack offers a wide variety of elements to create epic, fierce battles. If your project takes place where Earth is under fire, full of underground cities, with a heroic sniper desperately defending the last traces of life on the planet, all while resisting an onslaught of enemy soldiers, then this collection is for you. And if an oppressive government takes over, monitoring and controlling the population with an iron fist, you'll have everything you need to make immersive montages during insurrections and ambushes.

As with all of our other sound libraries available on our site, 'Steampunk Weapon Sound effects and Textures' is royalty-free after purchase. This means that you can use the sounds in films, animations, and video games without any additional costs. 

Product details

• Expertly recorded sounds
• A reference in the field of sound design
• Accurate file names
Royalty-free sounds
• You get lifetime license
• Unlimited commercial use
• No attribution or credit required
• No additional fees after purchase
• Ultra-fast download

Additional details

• This gun sound effects pack contains individual sounds in WAV format.
• The ambience was only added for the MP3 demo.


✓ These gun sound effects are compatible with all current digital audio workstations : Avid Pro Tools - Steinberg Cubase - Apple Logic Pro X - PreSonus Studio One - MOTU Digital Performer - Cockos Reaper - Adobe Audition ...

✓ These Steampunk gun sounds are compatible with all video editing software capable of processing WAV files : Adobe Premiere Pro / Elements - Wondershare Filmora X - Apple Final Cut Pro / iMovie - Corel Video Studio Ultimate ...

✓ The sound effects can be used in video games created with the majority of game engines : CryEngine - Unity - Unreal Engine - Godot - GameMaker - Construct - Orx - S2 engine HD - RPG Maker ...

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Technical specifications

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0296
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 293 MB
  • Extracted size : 348 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 173
  • Total sounds : 132
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes


  • Royalty-free
  • Unlimited commercial use
  • Multi-user license : Contact us