Download Subspace Distortion - Sci Fi Cinematic Samples Sound LibraryDownload Subspace Distortion - Sci Fi Cinematic Samples Sound Library

Subspace Distortion - Sci Fi Cinematic Samples

( Bluezone Corporation )
( Read the full license here )
12,95 €

Sample pack overview

'Subspace Distortion - Sci Fi Cinematic Samples' from Bluezone Corporation consists of a vast array of science fiction ambiences, deep drones, cinematic SFX, evolving atmospheres, heavy impacts / spacious metal hits, futuristic and dark synth textures, whooshes and transitions. This sound library is a unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create dense and complex soundtracks. It can be used in many different film and game genres especially action and fantasy as well as TV soundtracks / movie trailers, advertising, video game scoring, modern electronic music, and other forms of media. Weighing in at 790 MB, the library includes more than 119 files in high-quality 24-bit. The samples in this product are royalty-free : you can use all the sounds in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

Ginno Legaspi review - SoundBytes Magazine :

When it comes to atmospheric/cinematic samples, Bluezone Corporation has always been at the forefront of releasing such libraries. One of their best ambient offering is Deadspace, an instant classic released a years ago which I had the pleasure of reviewing. Subspace Distortion follows the Deadspace vein but imparts a more saturated sound. The folder called “Impact” showcases this, as well as the “Transition” effects folder. Weighing in at 790 MB, this sample pack of 119 files follows the BC standard with essential cinematic ingredients. You get plenty of crisp impacts, futuristic effects, evolving atmospheres, dark-sounding synths, massive textures and a superb collection of energetic drones. The ambience and transition samples are something special and add value to Subspace Distortion. It was great auditioning them in Acid 6.0. As always, BC delivers the high quality stuff for game, TV/film and soundtrack composers. This is a good buy.

Editor : Bluezone
Reference : BC0233
Delivery : Download link
Download size : 756 MB
Extracted size : 790 MB
Format : WAV
Resolution : 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz
Channel : Stereo
License : Royalty free
Total files : 135
Total samples : 119 WAV

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