Bluezone Corporation provides sample packs and sound libraries for modern music producers, DJs, video game and film sound designers. All loops, samples and sound effects are available for instant download.

Download Ethno and Tribal Ambient Sample Pack
Ethno & Tribal Ambient
'Ethno and Tribal Ambient' from Bluezone Corporation is a new pack of meticulously recorded, reworked and mastered loops and samples. It contains nearly 265 loops and samples bringing together percussion sounds and loops, transformed phrases and hits from ethnic instruments and others, Fx’s and moods that will give you new ideas for your future productions. This new royalty free sound bank gives you a solid base for composing pieces with high percussion content. The percussion loops have wide stereo sound and fine precision in both high and low frequencies. The instrumental phrases cover a wide choice of ideas and have been mastered to…
BC0137  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |  16 Bit / 44.1 kHz  |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Hard Techno Sensation Sample Pack
Hard Techno Sensation
Bluezone presents Hard Techno Sensation from AV Production, an explosive drum library containing 68 loops as well as almost 27 individual drum hits that are particularly well suited to Techno and Hard Techno, Trance & Hard Trance, Hardstyle and Hardcore. Each loop or sample is ready for instant use on your tracks or it can be reworked using your sequencer or sampler. The pack is royalty free and can be used at no extra cost in all your original and commercial compositions. Suitable for styles like: Techno, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Hard Dance and Hard Trance.
BC0136  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Dark Atmospheres and SFX 02 Sample Pack
'Dark Atmospheres and SFX 02' is a new sound collection designed by Bluezone. This new sample library offers a lot of awesome possibilities for sound creation for films, TV, Soundtrack and video games, and can be used in styles such as Breaks, Dubstep, Cinematic, Drum and Bass, Downtempo, Ambient, Industrial and more. All the atmospheres, pads, textures, soundscapes, hits and sound effects come with rights for commercial use at no additional cost. All the samples of this downloadable pack have been created and reworked using plenty of great gear, which gives this pack a particular depth and breadth. The pack offers a wide range of options…
BC0134  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |  16 Bit / 44.1 kHz  |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Tech House World Sample Pack
Tech House World
Bluezone Corporation is bringing out a new sound bank geared to Tech-House. With their extensive expertise AV-Production Studios offers you no less than 81 dynamic and amazing drum loops backed up by 147 drum sounds allowing you to compose your very own loops. 100 % royalty free. Bluezone Corporation recommends you bring your toolbox up to date with Tech House World. This pack, created by AV Production Studios is made up of complex loops geared to minimalist Tech-House. Tech House World provides a solid base for producing original compositions. Suitable fot styles such as: Deep, Tech and Tribal House, Minimal, Techno and Trance.
BC0135  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Dark Atmospheres and SFX 01 Sample Pack
'Dark Atmospheres and SFX 01' is a new sound library offering a lot of possibilities for sound creation for movies, TV music projects, soundtrack and video games, and can be used in styles such as Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electronica, Ambient, Industrial and mutch more. All the atmospheres, pad sounds, textures, soundscapes, background and sound effects come with rights for commercial use at no additional cost. All the samples of this downloadable pack have been created and reworked using plenty of great gear, which gives this pack a particular depth and breadth. The pack offers a wide range of options for creating film scores,…
BC0133  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |  16 Bit / 44.1 kHz  |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Minimal Tech Loops Sample Pack
Minimal Tech Loops
Minimal Tech Loops combines Electro Loops, Tech House Loops and Minimal Loops. This pack is an outstanding mixture bringing you everything you need to diversify your production and offers a wide selection of ideas and inspiration. In this downloadable pack you will find Drum Loops, Electro Percussion Loops, Minimal Music Loops, Bass Loops and Synth Loops, 100% Royalty Free. All 91 loops included with the product have been meticulously crafted and mastered to allow you to use them as they come, effortlessly and with no adjustments. If you use the pack in combination with Carbon Minimal and Minimal Charge, you will have a unique array of…
BC0132  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Biosphere Sample Pack
Biosphere has been designed and processed with lots of hardware and software effects. This experimental sample pack provides synthetic loops, organic rhythms, drums, dark atmospheric sounds, twisted SFX ( forlders : atm, atm biolab, atm FX, decode, drums, bio loops and tubular loops ). Downloadable CD in 16-bit wav, 626 MB of loops and samples. The pack, out on CD, is now available for immediate download. If you’re looking for unsettling moods or organic and synthetic loops, this pack will give you everything you need.
BC0101  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Bumper Drums Sample Pack
Bumper Drums
Bumper Drums from Bluezone Corporation provides a vast range of electronic drum kits geared to electro, minimal, tribal house, trance and techno music productions. This cutting edge sample pack is loaded with trick claps, hi hats, kicks, rides, snares, and more than a hundred funky electronic percussion hits. Each sound has been carefully processed with effects to be ready to use in everyday productions. If you produce EDM, this downloadable sample pack is a powerful addition to your music toolbox.
BC0104  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Techno Trance Producer Sample Pack
Techno Trance Producer
Bluezone presents Techno Trance Producer, a new sample pack created for tech and tribal house, techno and trance composers. This downloadable pack is ideal if you are looking to add warm and punchy drum loops and percussion sounds to your Techno and Trance projects. Techno Trance Producer brings together many loops conceived from scratch and worked on with precision.
BC0105  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Hardstyle Producer Sample Pack
Hardstyle Producer
Bluezone is pleased to announce the launch of Hardstyle Producer. This explosive sound library brings together numerous Hardstyle and Hardtechno loops at 148 bpm . The drums and synth hits are ready to use in your tracks. You will find 96 drum loops ( drum loops, kick and bass beats, percussion rhythms ) with 93 drum hits and synth sounds.
BC0106  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Club Lovers Sample Pack
Club Lovers
Club Lovers is the ultimate collection for the electro, EDM and progressive house scene with many cutting-edge loops and samples to express the true identity of Dance floor sound all over the world. This pack gives you the best to create powerful and effective productions. As they were designed with great attention to detail, the drum loops, no kick and percussion loops are ready to be used as they are with no adjustments necessary. The wide choice of electro loops with a particularly refined tone, combined with a selection of keyboard / bass / techno sounds offer awesome possibilities for your productions. Mix together the 870 loops and…
BC0107  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Downtempo Box Sample Pack
Downtempo Box
Bluezone presents Downtempo Box. This sound library includes a selection of drum loops, instrument hits, pads and SFX that will allow you to produce quality tracks. The 125 drum beats offer a large choice of tempos from 72 bpm to 125 bpm. The different layers available are the result of focused creativity to bring you the quality that you have always dreamed of.
BC0108  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE