Creature sound effects

Wide selection of ready-to-use creature sound effects: Monster attack sounds, cave and subterranean creature textures, insect ambiences, Troll and Orc, Treant and Ent, mysterious underwater and sea creature sounds, gurgle and grunt, giant dinosaur roars, eerie animal growls, mutated organisms, terrifying alien lifeforms, skyscraper-sized monster footsteps and creepy organic environments. Our sample packs and sound libraries bring film editors and video game sound designers a vesatile and wide-ranging selection of creature sounds. All sound effects are licensed as royalty-free for you to use in game or movie projects.

Download Unknown Surface - Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects Sample Library

Unknown Surface - Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation returns with another collection and opens the gates towards an ancient world with a brand-new cutting edge cinematic/ambient downloadable sound library. "Unknown Surface - Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects" is a new mysterious sample pack which offers a large panel of textures, soundscapes and ambiences ready to use in you favorite sequencer. Like all Bluezone Corporation products, this downloadable sample pack is…
Download Synthetic Organic Textures Sound Library

Synthetic Organic Textures

Synthetic Organic Textures by Bluezone offers 158 twisted sound effects such as fresh submarine ambiences, splashes, bubbly underwater sounds and ripple effects and more for a peak load of inspiration based on the organic and water theme. These high-end and totally new SFX are available in WAV format and ready for immediate use. This package contains an innovative collection of ethereal textures with a sci-fi touch. The samples have wide…
Download Eerie Ambiences and Sound Effects Sample Library

Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects

'Eerie Ambiences and Sound Effects' from Bluezone Corporation contains 240 dark ambiences, impressive drama sound effects and also comes with some of the best disturbing textured and perfectly recorded organic sounds you never heard. This sound library contains perfect SFX elements and atmospheres for producers who make Cinematic, atmospheric styles of music for TV and Video Game. This sample pack is 100% Royalty Free. Created by the…
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