Download royalty-free debris sound effects in high definition. Created from a large amount of field recordings using modern, high-performance microphones, the sample packs available on our site contain impressive sounds for use in movies, video games and all multimedia projects. Our sound libraries provide elements that will fit any scene. Whether it's detailing construction or demolition sites, bringing to life desolate cities completely destroyed by massive earthquakes, or even saturating war zones with destructive bombing, you'll have everything you need to design realistic and immersive environments.

We've captured many sounds of debris in car wrecks, open quarries, abandoned buildings and disused factories. No longer will you have to get your hands dirty climbing on piles of rubble to stir up debris, lift rocks and heavy, towering cement blocks in partially destroyed buildings. We've done it for you! You'll find solid material to enrich your action scenes like accidental car and train collisions as well as plane crashes, and even building explosions after a bomb goes off. You'll be able to add deep, imposing creaks as a weakened metal bridge collapses, and captivate your audience with breathtaking sounds of buildings, warehouses, and damaged structures collapsing after a bomber passes by.

Of course, you have access to many recordings such as small bullet holes in brick walls, dirt run-off, branches creaking and trees falling, windows breaking into a thousand pieces, glass shattering, stones falling, as well as a large number of wooden and metal objects, broken and fractured as they fall to the ground.

Using all of these elements, you can reproduce natural disasters ranging from earthquakes to meteorites crashing into the Earth and causing significant damage. You'll also have the added benefit of avalanche rumbles and cracking sounds when the ground splits. In addition, we've created a number of environments such as storms that can reduce entire neighborhoods to rubble, devastating tsunamis that can wipe out whole cities, and even the destruction of planets! You'll be equipped to cut through the chaos as you make your way through wreckage, rubble and torn metal.

Perfect for building intensity and making the devastation even more spectacular, each sound clip can be layered and combined with others. All debris sound packs contain carefully edited high-definition files, allowing for additional sound manipulation. All debris sound effects are royalty-free and can be used in your commercial projects without any additional licensing.