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Download gun sound effects online : discover our sample libraries providing automatic weapon sounds, loud machine gun noises, loading and ejecting magazine and more.

Gun sound effects

Download BC Bundle 02 - Robot Sound Effects Sample Library
BC Bundle 02 - Robot Sound Effects : this bundle contains 3 sound libraries ( 1.5 GB ) and is selling at 65.95 € instead of 86.95 € ! Sample pack included in this bundle:
Download Skynet Prototype - Military Robot Sound Effects Sample Library
Directly out of the Bluezone Corporation studios, 'Skynet Prototype - Military Robot Sound Effects' is an amazing new sound effect library providing editors and sound designers with new and…
Download Assault Mech - Robotic War Unit Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone Corporation releases 'Assault Mech - Robotic War Unit Sound Effects' a new awesome sound library featuring 272 high-powered robotic sound effects for video game sound designers, cinematic…
Download Robotic Assault - Textured SFX Sound Library
Bluezone releases 'Robotic Assault: Textured SFX' a new powerful robot sound effect library with 400+ destructive samples to expand your horizon. This downloadable sample pack contains an overdose…