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Download the best sci fi flying drone sounds

Discover 'Combat Drone Sound Effects' and get science fiction flying drone sounds for your next project. This cutting edge sound library delivers a wide selection of 153 high tech sound effects ranging from the sounds of drones in flight to devastating cannon fire. This pack of space game and sci fi movie sounds also contains inspiring interface and synthetic textures, as well as laser gun fire sounds and powerful explosion sounds. these state-of-the-art sound effects are especially useful for all post-apocalyptic scenarios and Cyberpunk worlds.

Supersonic flight and sonic boom sounds

This sound pack delivers striking propeller rumbles. Using hover technology, these sphere-shaped devices can float and move through the air, to fly over areas to be monitored. The sounds available are particularly dynamic and allow you to design movements very easily. You can make them rise, fall and fly through the atmosphere at a very high speed. After creating intense shockwaves with the supersonic bang sounds, you'll be able to drop them to the ground and quickly recover them to continue their missions.

You'll be able to reproduce maneuverable drones from the roar of the engines. You'll be able to make energetic movements and leave white trails in the air. These automated spheres will be able to rotate very quickly and turn around abruptly to fly in the opposite direction.

Unprecedented hardware synth textures

'Combat Drone Sound Effects' offers outstanding synthetic textures to illustrate your science fiction drones. In addition to alert and warning sounds, you'll find the game ui sound effects like command acknowledgement sounds, transponder beeps, and radar echoes. You'll find sounds of data transmissions, interference, chatter, as well as static noises to simulate malfunction.

This sound effects pack delivers inspiring elements to detail your high-tech aerial devices. You'll be able to design killer drones equipped with highly accurate scanners that allow them to detect bio-trails and track organic targets. You'll be able to project scanning beams and simulate target searches in low visibility areas. Your combat drones will be equipped with receivers linked to databases to identify human weapons. You'll be able to add sensors to them to perform voice identification.

Develop responsive and aggressive combat drones

'Combat Drone Sound Effects' has sound effects available to illustrate armored drones equiped with destructive laser cannons. The firing sounds are individual, allowing you to create shot after shot as well as short, rapid bursts. The devastating weapons will be able to fire on any target considered to be the enemy. You'll be able to drop super-powered drones to secure alien facilities and eliminate the last humans surviving secretly underground.

Tracking down the last survivors in a post-apocalyptic world

The elements contained in this sound library can be dropped into any of your post-apocalyptic environments. You can send your flying alien sentries to scout out deserted areas and fly over contaminated zones in search of survivors. You can conjure up terrifying machines controlled by an alien artificial intelligence, straight out of a gigantic structure installed in orbit around the Earth. You'll be able to design drones that can accompany its "users" in the field, explore ruined buildings, and attack any Scavengers found along the way.

Deploy police drones in Cyberpunk worlds

'Combat Drone Sound Effects' contains science fiction sounds to illustrate police drones in crowded megacities. You'll be able to produce numerous flying sentinels and send them to keep order in ultramodern cities. You can launch a fleet of high-tech drones to provide surveillance and security in sensitive areas. These extremely sophisticated high-tech concentrates will be able to determine which targets to spare and which to eliminate.

Versatile sound effects

This sound pack offer you the possibility to design a multitude of flying machines. The sound effects contained in this collection are versatile and allow you to illustrate aerial vehicles of all kinds. You can bring star ships, space probes, and even modern military jets to life.


This sound library required the recording of a Raphal, a military fighter plane from the Dassault aeronautics group. The sounds captured were made on an airbase and allowed us to design the drone sounds in this collection.

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