Electricity sound effects

Download ready-to-use electricity sound effects. Wide range of high quality sample packs and sound librairies loaded with meticulously recorded electric arcs and surges, short circuits, sparks, electric charge and discharges, electric power transmission background sounds, high voltage power line crackling sounds, transformer hum sounds, electrical buzzes and more. All samples are royalty-free and available in 24 bit wav format.

Interception, Radio Transmission Sound Effects, Receiver and Transmitter Sounds, Military Radio Chatter, Walkie Talkie, Speaker Hums, Frequency modulations and more

Interception - Radio Transmission Sound Effects

Bluezone releases 'Interception - Radio Transmission Sound Effects', a new collection of high definition radio communication and interference sound effects. From buttons and switches to military radio chatter sound effects and scrambled signals, this massive sound library provides a wide range of audio elements ready to be dropped in your sound design projects. Created with hardware synthesizers, electromagnetic…
Download Signal - Communication Sound Effects Sample Library

Signal - Communication Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation releases 'Signal - Communication Sound Effects' a new sound design library delivering a wide range of transmission sound FX, static and evolving noise background sounds, pulsing electric signals, radio interferences and more. This downloadable sample pack contains 236 meticulously recorded WAV audio files and offers a large variety of elements to create your own sequences. This sound library is loaded to arm all…