Download royalty-free mechanical sound effects. Created from mechanical elements, isolated in our studios or from machines located off-site, our sound libraries give you access to an incredible amount of spinning mechanical gears and moving mechanisms. Our sample packs are versatile toolboxes, containing a multitude of carefully edited recordings, and offer everything you need to build complex sequences. You don't have to be a skilled tradesman or mechanic to equip your machinery with moving parts, well-oiled gears and electromechanical servo motors.

Our sound libraries provide recordings of mechanized robot arm movements, freight and cargo elevators, going up and down, lock and lock release devices, and door opening and closing systems. You'll also have access to numerous switch clicks, levers and rotary dials, as well as the sounds of switch clicks and button presses. Ranging from small mechanisms to heavy industrial construction equipment, you'll have access to a considerable number of sounds with many variations, from starting them up to turning them off.

Want to get your hands dirty? You'll be able to assemble your own systems, even the most sophisticated ones, and set your gears and cogs in motion from a variety of separate elements. Adding humming fans, whirring turbines and whirring generators will give you very detailed soundscapes and atmospheres. You can also easily enrich your automotive garage, repair shop and industrial manufacturing plant atmospheres by adding sounds of hoists or cranes operating in the background.

Do you prefer old, rusty and seized up mechanisms? You can turn back the clock and mix and match weathered devices and components to create devices that were used decades ago. Recreate hand-wound grandfather clocks, out-of-sync antique watches, faulty cash registers and even typewriters. To create all of these antiques, our sample packs provide plenty of metallic clicks, creaks, and squeaks, as well as some particularly useful rattles, obtained from hitting mechanical keyboard keys and control panels.

Recorded without any background noise and at high sample rates, our mechanical sound effects offer exceptional experimental possibilities for science fiction scenarios, especially when they are Steampunk- and Dieselpunk-oriented. Whether it's tiny biomechanical insects, giant transforming robots, or just little tinkering robots, you'll find everything you need to build artificial life forms. You will be able to imagine weird objects and wacky inventions, strange and surprising equipment with cogs, chains and springs that clash. It's up to you to imagine and design junk-based gizmos with lots of gears and belts, like motorized combat exoskeletons, convoluted weapon mechanisms, or tracked vehicles propelled by noisy engines.

Every sound effect in our sound libraries has been carefully edited and meticulously processed to be ready for use in movies, documentaries and video games. All sounds are royalty-free and ready to be included in your commercial projects.

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