Snow Footsteps Sound Effects, Walking, Jogging, Running in Snow Sound EffectsSnow Footsteps Sound Effects, Walking, Jogging, Running in Snow Sound Effects

Snow Footsteps Sound Effects

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'Snow Footsteps Sound Effects' from Bluezone delivers carefully recorded real footstep sound effects, expertly mixed, layered and mastered for films, animations, documentaries, YouTube videos, video games and all other types of audio-visual production. This sample pack will add authenticity and realism to your projects. Prepare yourself for winter: All sounds are recorded individually and classified by speed and depth in order to allow precise construction, ranging from a long slow walk with heavy and deep steps, to a fast and light run (walk, stomp/deep walk, light walk, run).

All the isolated sound effects have been recorded on a cold and snowy day in the French Ardennes forest, far away from urban noise, traffic or animal sounds. Available in 24bit/96khz stereo wav files, these 86 sounds are hyper-detailed (5+ layers) and can be manipulated easily with uncountable creative possibilities: Extremely useful for creating creature and animal movement sounds for films and video games. All samples are licensed as royalty-free for you to use in commercial productions.

Note: The wind ambience in the demo is not part of the product but is added free of charge.


Ginno Legaspi review - SoundBytes Magazine :

Who would have thought that there’s a commercial footsteps library available in the market. The smart minds at Bluezone felt the need of such dedicated footsteps library. Enter Snow Footsteps Sound Effects – a library of carefully recorded real footstep sound effects that’s been expertly mixed, layered and mastered. This pack is for producers needing real and authentic footsteps for sound artist, TV, film, streaming series, documentaries and game effects.

These are not just regular snow footsteps as Bluezone recorded them according to speed and depth. There are dragging walks, speed walks, deep stomping, light run and runs on a cold and snowy day in the French Ardennes forest. Download size is 165 MB, and the 86 sounds are delivered in 24 bit/ 96 kHz WAV format. The sample themselves are clean and beautifully recorded – free of noise from traffic, human, animal and mechanical sounds. This is useful if you do audio-visual and commercial productions.

Editor : Bluezone
SKU : BC0264
Delivery : Download link
Download size : 165 MB
Extracted size : 197 MB
Format : WAV
Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
Channel : Stereo
Total Files : 109
Total Samples : 86
Metadata : No
Track List : Yes
License : Royalty free - Need a multi-user license ? Contact us
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