Download royalty-free steampunk sound effects and discover retro-futuristic sounds for your Victorian era inspired alternative worlds. Our sound libraries provide an incredible foundation for arranging imaginary environments filled with amazing gadgets. You'll be able to design alternate histories set in the nineteenth century, dominated by the massive use of steam engines, and create fictional stories set in hypothetical, post-apocalyptic futures. You'll have access to science fiction elements used by the world's leading game development studios and top filmmakers.

Created from high-definition recordings by our award-winning sound designers with state of the art equipment, our steampunk sound packs contain a multitude of sound effects that are extremely useful for designing a multitude of objects in the neo-Victorian genre. You can assemble antique clocks and vintage pocket watches, bizarre telescopes and curious astronomical glasses, and bring to life servant automatons and worker robots, equipped with analog computers. You'll be able to model extravagant worlds in minute detail, filled with steam locomotives and tracked vehicles, and fly hot air balloons and airships over smoky Victorian cities.

How did we create our steampunk sound effects?

Our steampunk sound packs contain sound effects made from archaic machine gears and mechanical parts found in old workshops and forges from the industrial revolution. We captured a whole bunch of clicks and clanks, as well as complex mechanical sequences from unusual mechanisms and aging cogs. In addition to the humming of dusty generators and the whirring of large industrial machines, we recorded steam releases and pressurized air escaping from pneumatic pistons. We also captured noisy impacts from hydraulic presses and drop hammers used decades ago. We then imagined wacky equipment and surreal devices by adding an astronomical amount of unusual objects filled with metal springs and chains, as well as dusty oddities left behind in abandoned warehouses and old train repair stations.

Let your imagination run wild.

Our sound libraries provide ambiences for creating steampunk backgrounds for many interior environments, such as coal depots and raw material storage sheds. You'll also have the elements you need to create atmospheres for huge engine rooms and monumental boiler rooms, located in oversized buildings and disproportionate complexes. You will be able to add overheating equipment containing massive copper piping, operated by valves and levers, but also by numerous and complicated keyboards. You can also equip the whole system with a sprawling ventilation system.

Using our soundscapes, you'll be able to build a city with smoking factories and cooling towers whose steam is lost in the atmosphere. Dropped into the vastness of this dark and hostile city, your heroes will have to avoid hunters and fight their way through obstacles to find a way out. After they pass through a strange science lab with a weather control device made by a criminal mastermind, you can take them through a network of tunnels to relative safety. From there, you can then take them to the surface again and give them a glimpse of hope by bringing up an aircraft.

You'll also be able to create worlds filled with war and monstrous machines, where your young rebels will have to fight against dark forces whose only desire is to control the last resources of the planet. You'll also be able to forge a torn world where we can see terrifying zeppelins evolving in the middle of the clouds, and giant Tesla tanks passing over devastated trenches. Mutants created by the twisted mind of a mad scientist and led by a race of brutal, genetically enhanced superhumans will be discovered emerging from the fog.

In addition, our collections provide the steampunk weapon sound effects that are essential for your action scenes. In addition to a flame thrower purchased on the black market, you can equip your loving couple with black powder pistols, stacked barrel rifles, and special homemade bombs. They will be able to activate air defenses to shoot down threatening biplanes in flames and fire steam cannons to destroy fearsome battleship tanks.

Our steampunk sound libraries will allow you to make bring extraordinary adventures to life and easily produce realistic environments. All sound effects are royalty free and can be used in all your commercial projects at no extra cost to you.

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