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High-quality sounds of wood breaking, creaking, falling, and impacts

Download 'Wood Sound Effects' from Bluezone Corporation and get a vast selection of royalty free sound effects of wood creaking, cracking and breaking, and a large range of wood hits, impacts and crashes. This wood sound pack delivers professionally recorded sound effects for movies, video editing, games, and all audiovisual projects. This wood sound effects pack delivers high quality sounds of snapping branches, creaking tree trunks, and the bangs and thumps of falling and clashing logs. You'll have access to 124 highly detailed wood sound effects for all your commercial projects.

This sound effects pack contains:

• Dry and brittle branches cracking
• Cracking bark
• Creaking tree trunks
• Crushed branches
• Falling and clashing logs
• Wood fragments falling and splintering

Inspiring wood / tree sound effects for creative projects

You can let your imagination run wild. This collection offers inspiring nature sounds that can be adapted to a multitude of other projects. These wood sounds have been designed to give relief. In addition to being integrated into forest backgrounds, the sounds can be used as building blocks in your creative sound designs. You can change quiet forest ambiences and make them eerie at night.

Highly detailed wood recordings

'Wood Sound Effects' was recorded in forests far away from human activity in order to provide clean and accurate recordings. You'll discover a wide selection of detailed sounds for optimal use. With this pack, you can bring to life a lumberjack wielding his axe or a carpenter working away with his hammer. You can also make a boat deck creak as it sails across the ocean.

Wooden sounds that can be shaped

All files are available in 24bit 96kHz allowing further sonic manipulation. All of them have been meticulously recorded and edited with patience. The sound effects pack offers unlimited possibilities. These wood sound effects are flexible, and can be easily modified and layered to create new textures and a multitude of variations. You can cut, deepen and shape these elements with precision, but also layer them.

Sound pack details

• This product contains individual sound effects.
• The background ambience was only added for the presentation demo.
• Royalty-free sounds - unlimited commercial use.
• No attribution or credit required.

Technical specifications :

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0254
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 199 MB
  • Extracted size : 251 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 150
  • Total sounds : 124
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : No