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Download the best horror sound effects pack

Discover 'Nightfall - Scary Sound Effects and Ambiences' from Bluezone Corporation and get 128 royalty free horror sound effects and atmopheres for games, video editing and movies. This horror sound effects pack contains a wide selection of hair-raising sound effects, from scary atmospheres and ominous drones, to terrifying noises and creepy textures. This scary sound library also includes a host of eerie transitions and frightening impacts ready to creep into all your audiovisual projects - you'll get the best horror sound effects for horror games, films, movie trailers and cinematic music production.

Discover the most terrifying sound effects

Delve into the darkness with the most scary sound effects. This frightening sound effects pack contains a vast range of spine-chilling sound effects. This creepy sound library bloodcurdling ambiences, dark atmospheric sounds, scary impacts and unnerving transitions. This collection also contains mysterious synth textures and a large selection of unnerving sound effects of metal, wood, water and organic matter.

Intimidating sound effects designed to destabilize

Discover an eerie, nightmarish world specifically designed to trigger a H2 psychological reaction. 'Nightfall - Scary Sound Effects and Ambiences' offers a selection of bone-chilling sounds that will trigger an intense sense of fear. This horror sound pack delivers mysterious atmospheres, drone ambient sounds and dark ambient sound effects. You'll find desolate soundscapes and oppressive drones that you can use as background elements. This collection also offers supernatural textures, ready to suddenly appear on the screen. You'll be able to turn tense atmospheres into moments of total chaos and confusion with the terrifying impacts available.

Terror lurking in the darkness

Immerse yourself in a world where a farmer plowing wheat is mistaken for a psychopathic killer. 'Nightfall - Scary Sound Effects and Ambiences' offers total immersion into an emotionally unstable world. This blood-curdling sound pack contains transition and cinematic hit sound effects that are ready to appear suddenly on the screen. This scary sound library allows you to design unbearable atmospheres, interspersed with violent moments. You can design dark backgrounds, torn up by bloody organic textures, sounds of twisted metal and battered wood. You will be able to add abnormal phenomena and unexplained events at the desired time.

Play with the sense of reality

'Nightfall - Scary Sound Effects and Ambiences' contains unconventional audio elements for survival / horror games and videos. These sounds are designed to work on their own, but they can be layered to achieve an even more complex result. All available sound effects have been created natively in high resolution, which allows you to manipulate them without losing any of the quality. You can create hundreds of unexpected variations, with many nuances.

More details about this sound library:

• This sound library contains individual sounds.
• Royalty-free sounds - Unlimited use in all commercial projects.
• No attribution or credit required.

Technical specifications :

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0255
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 865 MB
  • Extracted size : 899 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 155
  • Total sounds : 128
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : No