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High quality radio communication and interference sound effects

Discover 'Interception - Radio Transmission Sound Effects' and download radio transmissions, communication noises and interference sound effects for games, movies, all your audiovisual projects. This extensive sound library offers a wide variety of top-notch sound effects including hums, buzzes, crackles, interferences, parasites, and white noises. Additionally, this sound pack features garbled voices and military radio chatter sound effects. You'll have access to 145 professional-quality sound effects of CB radio, walkie-talkie, transceiver, and transmitter. This collection is a must have for all sound design works.

This sound effects pack contains :

• Digital beeps
• Radio knob sound effects
• Radio channel selector clicks
• Walkie-talkie white noises
• Radio morse code sounds
• Radio frequency selection and tuning sounds
• Buzzing from loudspeakers
• Electrical interference sounds
• Radio sweeper sounds - frequencies and modulations
• Parastes, white noises and interferences
• Long and short static white noises
• Data transfer sounds
• Army radio chatter sound effects

A vast collection of radio transmission noises

'Interception - Radio Transmission Sound Effects' delivers creative sounds to illustrate communications from a multitude of devices. These radio sound effects allow for the elaboration of communications from walkie-talkies, CBs, telephones, and transceivers. These elements are used to create backgrounds of radio speakers and transistors. You'll be able to simulate station searches and settings very easily. These sounds also allow you to power electrical devices on and off, like monitors and analog televisions with static white noise. You'll have access to button press sound effects, digital beeps, and channel selector clicks. This sound pack also provides all kinds of speaker hums, crackles and electric sound effects. You'll hear soft and loud, constant and evolving, sometimes coded, and often distorted signals.

Outstanding radio noises for creative audiovisual projects

In addition to illustrating radio failures, malfunctions, and interference, these sound effects can be used as background for your dialogues. You can design police and military radio communications, you can even design emergency messages to be broadcast by the state. The snippets of human dialogue provided are made incomprehensible so that they can be used in any possible scenario. You'll be able to start calls, incorporate disturbances and static, and then even stop them unexpectedly. The sounds available are adaptable to many different scenes - you can recreate BBC broadcasts from World War II, wiretaps from spy movies, and cryptic communications from aliens in science fiction movies.

Inspiring sound design effects for speculative fiction

Disrupt, interfere, and alter all your signals. 'Interception - Radio Transmission Sound Effects' offers unlimited creative sound effects for science fiction movies and games. You'll be able to create communications between astronauts and radio operators on Earth. The monitors can receive abnormal messages from ships lost in outer space. You'll have the possibility to transmit, broadcast, and jam signals from satellites and make information transmitted by damaged space communicators unintelligible.

Created from high-definition audio recordings

The sounds have been created from a multitude of electrical devices, but also from synthesizer recordings and electromagnetic field recordings. All sounds have been edited, modified, and distorted using particularly complex synthesis techniques and effect chains. The resulting audio elements are designed to work in isolation, but they can also be layered to achieve a much more complex result. With this sound pack, you can create hundreds of unexpected variations, without any losing any quality.

Sound library details

• Royalty-free sound effects - unlimited commercial use - no attribution or credit required.
• This sound library contains individual sounds in high-resolution WAV format.

Technical specifications :

  • Editor : Bluezone
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  • Download size : 591 MB
  • Extracted size : 729 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 169
  • Total sounds : 145
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes