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Discover 'Steampunk Mechanical Sound Effects' and get 158 high-definition sounds of retrofuturistic mechanisms. This Steampunk sound effects pack contains amazing mechanical sequences of machines, but also clicks, rattles, clacks, and impacts. You'll have access to the sounds of industrial machinery, metal objects, and unusual mechanisms.

Produced by Bluezone Corporation, these industrial revolution sound effects are ready-to-use and can be easily integrated into all your audio-visual projects, such as movies and video games. You can incorporate these elements into your alternate universes, speculative fiction, and fantasy worlds in the neo-Victorian genre.

This Steampunk mechanism sound pack contains sounds of :

• Mechanical systems starting and stopping
• Heavy and massive metallic textures
• Small and large mechanisms
• Ringing alarms

An impressive Steampunk construction kit

'Steampunk Mechanical Sound Effects' delivers metal and mechanism sounds designed with extreme precision. This industrial factory sound effects pack delivers light clicks, rhythmic clanks, loud clacks, and jarring impacts. In addition to the sounds of mechanical systems starting, moving and stopping, you'll have access to inspiring metal textures to detail your whimsical machines and extravagant inventions. This collection delivers the essential material to build complex mechanical sequences and custom sequences of gears, chains, and cogs.

Bring out some amazing machines and gizmos from your workshops

This Steampunk sound pack provides the material needed to illustrate your Steampunk machines and all your imaginative concepts in great detail. In addition to curious antiques and vintage oddities, you'll be able to skillfully imagine innovative concepts and ingenious finds. Extremely accurate in both high and low frequencies, these elements can work for both tiny devices and gigantic industrial machines.

Here are some examples of what you can develop :

• Mechanics of typewriter keys and analog computer keyboards
• Small mechanisms of buttons and switches
• Systems of opening and closing safe doors
• Mechanical parts of Victorian revolvers and rifles
• Rotating mechanical parts of retro bicycles
• Movements and articulations of working automatons
• Mechanisms of optical instruments such as telescopes, spotting scopes, and periscopes
• Clocks ticking and the clicks of mechanical chronometers
• Firing of turbines spinning rapidly around an axis while sparking !

This list can be complemented by a multitude of clever machine processes, each equallcaptivatingYou'll be able to start and stop a multitude of objects and simulate their start-up and deployment very easily. You can activate, trigger, accelerate, and slow down all your dusty mechanical inventions, even the most jammed. You'll also be able to reproduce malfunctions of archaic machines, unusual accessories, and wacky trinkets.

Make a technological metamorphosis in all your science fiction worlds

You can integrate the elements found in 'Steampunk Mechanical Sound Effects' into all your fictional worlds. You'll be able to incorporate them into environments full of vehicles, equipment, and gadgets of all kinds. In addition to essential flying machines like biplanes and airships, you'll build smoky cities teeming with steam-powered automobiles and amazing, multi-legged robots. You'll even be able to take mechanized Kraken out of your workshops and send them to rule the seas !

Steampunk sound effects created by hand

The sounds available in 'Steampunk Mechanical Sound Effects' were obtained from high definition recordings of antique mechanisms, twisted scrap metal, and primitive, often rare, stuff from the industrial revolution. We made a succession of metal noises, and produced exciting sounds by shaking, jiggling, and bumping an array of truly fascinating objects.

These things were sometimes dismantled, and we made others from the salvaged parts. The resulting sounds were processed and transformed using complex synthesis techniques. The resulting elements were then assembled in several layers.

Turn it around !

This collection delivers functional and interchangeable elements. All sound effects have been created to work both alone and as building blocks to achieve even more complex sounds. The sounds are available in high resolution which allows you to edit, layer, and modify the sounds without losing any of the quality.

Product details

• Expertly recorded sounds
• A reference in the field of sound design
• Perfectly named files
Royalty-free sounds
• You'll get a lifetime license
• Unlimited use in all commercial projects
• No attribution or credit required
• Instant download
• Unbeatable price

Additional details

• This product contains individual sounds in WAV format.
• The background ambience sounds were only added for the demo.


✓ The Steampunk sound effects are compatible with all digital audio workstations and audio editors : Steinberg Nuendo / Cubase - MOTU Digital Performer - Avid Pro Tools - PreSonus Studio One - Apple Logic Pro X - Adobe Audition - Magix Samplitude Pro X - Audacity - Magix Sound Forge ...

✓ The Steampunk sounds are compatible with all video editing software : Apple iMovie / Final Cut Pro - Adobe Premiere Pro / Premiere Elements - Wondershare Filmora X - OpenShot - NCH Software VideoPad - Windows Movie Maker - Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 - DaVinci Resolve - Clipify ...

✓ Our Steampunk sound effects can be used in video games created with the majority of game engines : Unity - Unreal Engine - Amazon Lumberyard - CryEngine - Orx - MonoGame - S2 engine HD - GameMaker - Cocos2d - Construct - Godot - RPG Maker ...

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Technical specifications

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0282
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 292 MB
  • Extracted size : 341 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 194
  • Total sounds : 158
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes


  • Royalty-free
  • Unlimited commercial use
  • Multi-user license : Contact us