Pneumatic sound effects

Download pneumatic sound effects : find a wide range of atmospheric sounds including pneumatic doors, hissing air and steam noises, robot arms and more.

Download BC Bundle 02 - Robot Sound Effects Sample Library
BC Bundle 02 - Robot Sound Effects : this bundle contains 3 sound libraries ( 1.5 GB ) and is selling at 65.95 € instead of 86.95 € ! Sample pack included in this bundle: Skynet Prototype - Military Robot Sound Effects Exosuit - Hybrid Exoskeleton Sound Effects Assault Mech - Robotic War Unit Sound Effects
BC0216  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |    |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Exosuit - Hybrid Exoskeleton Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone Corporation releases Exosuit - Hybrid Exoskeleton Sound Effects, a new sound design library offering no less than 250+ samples for cinematic and video game productions. An intense sound morphing feature : this robot suit sample pack was created with meticulously sampled sources and twisted using complex synthesis techniques. This highly specialized sample creation generates a rich and phat sound, offering a large variety of elements to create epic fight sequences and mech battle scenes. Exosuit contains a large number of armored sound FX ready to use. Inside this turbocharged bio-suit you will find an arsenal of mechanized pieces…
BC0199  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |  24 Bit / 44.1 kHz  |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Motherships - Science Fiction Sound Effects Sample Library
Bluezone releases 'Motherships - Science Fiction Sound Effects', a new exciting science fiction sound library delivering 129 highly usable spaceship ambiences and sound effect elements. This supercharged downloadable sample pack offers 1.20 GB of high definition sounds ready to be used without any additional licensing fees. Inside, you will find a variety of mind-blowing interstellar mothership drones, transmission noises, inspiring indoor and outdoor ambiences, detailed computer room sounds with modern beeps and buttons, disturbing mechanical devices, machine room atmospheres, sci-fi radars, laser pulse and energy beams, heavyweight…
BC0189  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |  24 Bit / 44.1 kHz  |  ROYALTY-FREE