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Discover 'Designed Water Sound Effects' and get original and unusual water sounds for games and video editing. This sound pack delivers stunning sound design elements that have been recorded in high definition. You'll find flows and spills, ripples and waves, and underwater bubble sounds. This collection also contains moving water and transitional sounds, followed by impacts and splashes. Created by Bluezone Corporation, this sound library will provide you with an exceptional resource for all your projects. Download innovative water sound effects that are used in movies, documentaries, and by YouTubers around the world.

This collection offers a complete selection of ready-to-use water sounds, organized into several types of elements, for quick, easy, and intuitive use. This sound pack contains the following items :

• Water and bubble textures
• Underwater sounds
• Impact and splash sounds
• Transition sounds
• Transition sounds followed by impacts

Spark new ideas and sublimate reality

'Designed Water Sound Effects' goes beyond the simple drop of water and offers a concentrate of highly creative textures. Perfectly in tune with today's cutting-edge production standards, this collection offers water sounds that are perfect for amplifying any reality. You'll discover a world of grainy, textured sounds that are infused with subtle detail. These sound effects have been designed to skillfully alter feelings and sensations, making them extremely useful for enriching any of your projects.

This experimental water sound pack contains light and voluminous impacts, pure and airy transitions, curious and abstract textures. You'll be able to create incredible ripples for swimming scenes, make running water bubble over, and give a fairy-tale elegance to ocean waves. You'll create stunning moments when discovering new aquatic species, and immerse viewers in enveloping depths.

Incorporate fabulous, dazzling sounds into your video games

'Designed Water Sound Effects' offers a wide range of sounds for use in games. This video game sound pack delivers a variety of elements that can be easily incorporated into any of your creative endeavors. You can give players an intense experience with sounds ranging from delicate to devastating, and fully immerse them in wet environments, like beaches or water parks.

You'll be able to design games where firemen have to fight fires, and create naval battles where beavers throw sponges at each other. You can unleash spills and downpours on enemies, launch massive waves, and flood opponents with a fantastic deluge.

In addition, these sound effects will become indispensable for the sound of water guns firing, hoses spraying, and water bottles bursting. Players will also be able to splash around in pools, pour drinks, or spray their neighbors with buckets of water. You'll have the older kids fascinated and the younger ones amazed.

Get sound design elements for science fiction and fantasy

'Designed Water Sound Effects' gives access to a distorted reality by integrating modified and altered sound effects into the worlds. This fantasy sound pack provides mysterious and supernatural textures that change the perception of the world, making it unstable and abnormal.

In this sound library, you'll find shimmering, crystal-clear textures, boiling and popping bubble sounds, as well as a wide selection of towering rumbles and powerful impacts. The transitional sounds will add movement and dynamism to your creations. You'll have a wide range of audio elements at your fingertips to design bizarre creatures, unusual materials, and surreal atmospheres.

How was this sound pack created ?

'Designed Water Sound Effects' is the product of an obsessive search for unconventional sound sources that can be explored, transformed, and sublimated through state-of-the-art sound design. Combined with creative synthesis techniques, the resulting sounds are both innovative and filled with realism.

The water recordings were made using high quality microphones and then processed using high-end equipment and modern synthesis technology. As with all of our products, each sound has been carefully handcrafted down to the smallest detail. The sounds are available in high definition, which allows you to modify them in order to achieve infinite new textures.


• Expertly recorded sounds
• Perfect audio quality
• A reference in the field of sound design
• Clear names assigned to files
• Royalty-free sounds
• You get lifetime license after purchase
• Unlimited commercial use in all your projects
• No attribution or credit required
• Instant and ultra-fast download
• PC and Mac compatible
• Affordable price


• This water sound library contains individual sounds in WAV format.
• The background ambience was only added for the demo.


✓ The sound effects are compatible with all current digital audio workstations : Avid Pro Tools - Steinberg Cubase / Nuendo - MOTU Digital Performer - Apple Logic Pro X - PreSonus Studio One - Magix Samplitude Pro X - Audacity - Adobe Audition - Magix Sound Forge ...

✓ The sound effects are compatible with all video editing software capable of processing WAV files : Adobe Premiere Elements / Premiere Pro - Apple iMovie / Final Cut Pro - Wondershare Filmora X - Corel Video Studio Ultimate - Clipify - OpenShot ...

✓ The sound effects can be used in video games created with the majority of game engines : Unreal Engine - CryEngine - Unity - Amazon Lumberyard / Open 3D Engine - Orx - RPG Maker - Mono - S2 engine HD - Cocos2d ...

Technical specifications

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0298
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 374 MB
  • Extracted size : 439 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 161
  • Total sounds : 122
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes


  • Royalty-free
  • Unlimited commercial use
  • Multi-user license : Contact us