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'Mountain Dweller - Orc Sound Effects', a new sound pack containing 184 high-definition sound effects of humanoid fantasy creatures, medieval fortresses and epic battles.

Created by Bluezone Corporation, this collection delivers sounds to illustrate medieval fantasy worlds filled with legendary warriors, building fortified camps and epic battles. You'll get sounds to gather resources, build settlements and raise armies to battle enemies in enchanted places. These awesome sounds are a must for filmmakers, video game developers and all content creators.

Design fantasy worlds

The diversity of this collection offers the freedom to create majestic environments, letting the imagination run wild with stories. You'll be able to create thrilling experiences by integrating these sounds into magical worlds where mysterious Elves, fierce Orcs, and noble humans live side by side. You'll be able to design projects that are surprisingly simple and terrifically effective.

Sounds of magical creatures

This collection delivers sounds of Orcs attacking with growls and snarls. Of course, these sounds are adaptable to a multitude of two-legged beings : Goblins - Ogres - Trolls - Gnomes. You can make humanoid creatures walk and run with the footstep sounds available. You'll also be able to feed them using the organic crunching sounds.

Expand your universe

'Mountain Dweller - Orc Sound Effects' also delivers a multitude of impacts and textures that will illustrate medieval fantasy worlds. You'll be able to make camps, build bridges, erect fortresses and raise watchtowers. The metal sounds obtained from anvils allow you to build holds, castles and fortresses in which massive dungeons are enthroned. You will have everything you need to build water mills, sawmills and blacksmith shops.

This collection also provides sounds of pickaxes hitting rock and shovels digging into the earth. You can send your barbarian horde to dig mining tunnels to exploit resources like gold and stone. These big, primitive brutes will dig trenches like crazy without grumbling. You'll also be able to illustrate the deforestation of the surrounding forests with the axe sounds available.

Create clashes

Leave the comfort of your home and dive into the unforgiving savagery of the outside world. 'Mountain Dweller - Orc Sound Effects' offers a selection of metal sounds that will come in handy during confrontations. In addition to using hammers to bash the heads of their opponents, your giant, smelly beasts will violently strike their enemies with their swords and shatter their shields with war axes.

This sound library also delivers gun sounds that will wreak havoc on the opposing ranks. The sounds of smoke grenades will be useful for creating thick fogs and the sound of bombs exploding will cause chaos on the battlefield. You'll also find sounds of crackling fuses followed by explosions that will blow up walls and boulders in stone quarries. This collection also features the sounds of fiery balls being hurled from catapults. You can ignite the night with the unbridled power of fire and flames !

Detail your environments

In addition to the sounds of mud textures and water splashes, you'll find sounds of crumbling rock, and sounds of falling rocks and dust.

Product details

• Professional sound effects
• Optimized sounds for smooth and fast work
• Perfectly named files
Royalty-free sounds
• Lifetime License - it's yours forever !
• Unlimited commercial use in all your projects
• No attribution or credit required
• No additional fees after purchase
• Instant and ultra-fast download
• PC and Mac compatible
• Fast and friendly support
• Got a question ? No problem, we'll answer it !
• Great sounds at an affordable price
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Additional details

• This product contains individual sounds in WAV format.
• The wind background ambience was only added for the demo.


✓ The sound effects are compatible with all current digital audio workstations : Avid Pro Tools - Steinberg Nuendo - Steinberg Cubase - MOTU Digital Performer - Cockos Reaper - PreSonus Studio One - Image-Line FL Studio - Bitwig Studio - Ableton Live - Apple Logic Pro X - Magix Samplitude Pro X - Magix Sound Forge - Adobe Audition - Audacity ...

✓ The sound effects are compatible with all video editing software capable of processing WAV files : Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe Premiere Elements - DaVinci Resolve - Wondershare Filmora X - Corel Video Studio Ultimate - Apple Final Cut Pro / iMovie - OpenShot - Windows Movie Maker ...

✓ The sound effects can be used in video games created with the majority of game engines : CryEngine - Unity - GameMaker - Unreal Engine - Godot - Construct - RPG Maker - Amazon Lumberyard / Open 3D Engine - Orx - S2 engine HD - MonoGame - Cocos2d ...

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Technical specifications

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0261
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 233 MB
  • Extracted size : 284 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 203
  • Total sounds : 184
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes


  • Royalty-free
  • Unlimited commercial use
  • Multi-user license : Contact us