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Immersive ambiences of water streams, rivers, rapids and waterfalls

'Wilderness - Flowing Water Sound Effects' is an all-new water sound library providing a wide selection of royalty-free sounds of streams, rivers, brooks, rapids and waterfalls. This sound effects pack delivers 40 exceptional natural ambiences of flowing, trickling and dripping water. In addition to raging rapids, you'll hear water flowing between mountains, gently rippling over rocks, and spilling from steep cliffs into valleys below. These water ambience sound effects are perfect for all audiovisual projects such as games, documentaries and movies.

Calm and quiet, or loud and turbulent

Wilderness - Flowing Water Sound Effects contains everything you might need to illustrate your projects. Soundscapes can be calm and gentle, but they can also be turbulent and deafening. This sound pack contains moving water sounds of relaxing rivers, tranquil streams, tumultuous rapids and crashing waterfalls. These water sound effects offer many nuances. You'll hear whispers and rustles, and distinguish a multitude of gurgles and chirps. You'll find thin streams of dripping water, effervescent splashes and bubbling waters. You'll be pleased to discover streams flowing slowly between the rocks, rapids rushing through large cavities, and cataracts echoing loudly against the rock walls.

These nature background sound effects offer great flexibility. Most of the sounds have been recorded up close to in order to capture them in great detail. You can develop and intensify moments by mixing and layering sounds - you will obtain ambiences with various intensities.

How was this water sound effects pack created?

These sounds in 'Wilderness - Flowing Water Sound Effects' were recorded in remote mountain locations, many miles from the any trace of life. These unobtrusive natural locations allowed us to obtain clear ambiences free from extraneous noise. The microphones were placed in different locations to offer various viewpoints at different distances. These background ambient sounds can be used for any scene or environment with ease, maximising efficiency and usability.

Sound library details

• Royalty-free sounds - No attribution or credit required.
• This collection contains individual ambiences in WAV format.
• These sounds can be used in all your commercial projects.

Technical specifications :

  • Editor : Bluezone
  • SKU : BC0259
  • Delivery : Download link
  • Download size : 1120 MB
  • Extracted size : 1180 MB
  • Format : WAV
  • Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Channel : Stereo
  • Total files : 52
  • Total sounds : 40
  • Metadata : No
  • Track list : Yes