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Browse and download sample packs in AIFF format : professional samples for mac suitable for music production, multimedia and sound design projects.

Download Psy Trance Reflexion Sample Pack
Psy Trance Reflexion
With 127 drum loops, 50 sound effects, synth hits, pad samples and 220 drum one-shots ( kicks, claps, hats, percussions), Psy Trance Reflexion is a turbocharged audio tool box for psytrance music producers. Sound effects include huge bombs, sweeps, transitions and more - all run though high end analog reverbs. The beats ( all at 146 bpm ) are divided between fully-mixed, top only, percussive top and an awesome collection of high-quality kick drums and clap fills. All loops are 100% copyright free for immediate use.
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Download Hip Hop Edition Sample Pack
Hip Hop Edition
Bluezone Corporation presents Hip Hop Edition, the ultimate package for Hip Hop, Urban and RNB producers, made with hundreds of music loops, drum beats and isntrument sounds as piano phrases, keyboard chords, brass section, string hits, oriental instrument sounds and synth samples. More than 940 loops and samples ( 160 instrument sounds, 500 drum hits ). All the samples in this sound bank have been arranged with sure-fire precision to meet your everyday needs.
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Download Trance Traxx Sample Pack
Trance Traxx
Trance Traxx brings together a number of features to create complete and professional tracks. This sample pack has been designed to meet today's high standards. The pack includes drum loops, bass and lead sounds, SFX and atmospheres. Many of the leads come in a variety of chords enabling the rapid composition of lines worthy of the greatest names in Trance and Hard Trance. This sound library is by no means limited to a few concepts, but opens up a wide range of possible arrangements between all the banks in the series. It is the ultimate pack for producers of Trance and Hard Trance.
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Download Percussive Loops Sample Pack
Percussive Loops
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Percussive Loops, the first pack created by Alexandre Vassant ( AV Production ). This sample pack is essential for those who love punchy dirty loops. The pack is made up of 197 hot percussive drum beats and samples. This sound bank is the ideal material to include in House and Techno sets. Suitable for styles such as : Tribal House, Progressive House, Deep and Funky House.
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Download Score and Break Producer Sample Pack
Score & Break Producer
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Score and Break Producer, the latest product specifically designed for ambient music compositions, TV series and video game background projects. It provides a mixture of musical trends featuring styles as diverse as Breakbeat, Electro and Acoustic. The producers at the Bluezone Corporation studios have created 558 very rare loops and samples of a high standard. This new collection of sounds brings together the action, war, car chases, mysterious or melancholic moods themes and more. Due to their construction the fx and hit fx enable efficient sound combinations and the pad-atmo-layer folder…
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Download Hard Style and Core Sample Pack
Hard Style & Core
Hard Style and Core is a turbocharged sample pack with hundreds of loops and samples. These amazing sounds will enable you to create your tracks from beginning to end. This sample pack contains a huge bank of bass drums: hard, hardcore, jump, deep and medium as well as the kick & bass you’ll need to easily create solid loops. Of course, the pack also contains other elements such as ultra-powerful claps, hi hats and snares. The 'drum' folder is composed of acid percussion sounds, small phrases for the breaks and short distorted synth sequences. The 'pad-atmo-layers' and 'sound effects' folders contain all you need to produce…
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Download Score and Break Drum Loops Sample Pack
Score and Break Drum Loops from Bluezone Corporation is an add-on pack for Score and Break Producer. It has been created especially for producers of Breakbeat, Drum and Bass and TV series. Its construction required different drum acoustics that have been treated in several effect racks such as distortions, reverbs, delays and compressors. The attention given to each loop makes it possible to use them without any alterations and the pitch can be varied to allow their use in a number of styles including Ambient, Industrial, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass and more. This superb pack offers access to 117 rare and energy filled loops…
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Download Carbon Minimal Sample Pack
Carbon Minimal
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present the brand new pack from AV Production : Carbon Minimal. This pack is all about inspiration at a great price, with 53 music loops, drum loops and percussion rhythms presented at 128bpm, alongside 59 one-shots, including synths, drums and sfx. All loops are presented in both Wav and Aiff formats. As with all Bluezone Corporation products, all materiel contained in Carbon Minimal is 100 percent royalty free.
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Download Ultimate Progressive House Sample Pack
Ultimate Progressive House is a new reference point for the production of Progressive, Deep House and Minimal Trance. This exclusive pack features 260 loops & samples and contains the necessary range of tools for producing high definition tracks in Progressive House, Electro House, Deep / Tech House, Minimal and Trance. While the musical elements will provide ample top-line inspiration, the heart of this release is the 115 drum beats, offering techy tops, mighty tribal workouts, deep kick combos and stripped glitch-freakers. Many different machines have been put to task to produce this pack, including the Jomox Xbase 999, the Roland…
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Download Afro Tribal Drum Loops Sample Pack
Afro Tribal Drum Loops
'Afro Tribal Drum Loops' is a rich and complex pack of African and ethnic percussions for professionals who want to complete their set up with exceptionally warm and high quality percussion loops and sounds. This pack injects rich, warm, organic African and Ethnic Tribal percussion loops aimed squarely at the dance floor. This sound bank contains 150 loops and samples including drum loops, percussion loops and ethnic percussion sounds. All loops have been recorded in 136 bpm ready to use in your productions.
BC0125  |  DOWNLOAD  |  WAV  |  16 Bit / 44.1 kHz  |  ROYALTY-FREE
Download Minimal Charge Sample Pack
Minimal Charge
Bluezone is back with Minimal Charge, designed to give an enormous power boost to your speaker system. Produced by AV Production, this new sound bank contains more than 70 loops along with 71 hits to complete your set up. It’s a rich and dynamic experimental mix of Minimal, Electro and Techno. Minimal Charge has been created specifically to meet the high quality standards required by all music producers. This pack is the necessary sequel to Carbon Minimal by AV Production and will, just like its predecessor, surpass all your expectations.
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Download Ibiza Lounge Sample Pack
Ibiza Lounge
Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Ibiza Lounge, the new reference for composers of Lounge, Ambient and Chillout. This pack gives you the essential ingredients for composing professional tracks across many genres and styles. It was recorded and mixed with numerous high quality professional effects such as delays, reverbs. Ibiza Lounge is the natural follow on from the Filtered Keys and Downtempo Box packs. This innovative pack features effects processing from some of the most high end equipment available, delivering a slick, professional sound. The drum loops, percussion loops, pad, atmospheres and various layers will give your…
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